T Sripunvoraskul

San Francisco, CA

Email: tsripunv [at] gmail.com

My Resume

About T.

I was born and raised in Tennessee. I’ve got a soft spot for Appalachian music and fried chicken. I’m a bit quirky and introverted. To give an idea of my personality, I’m an enneagram type 9 (I’m a peacemaker), Myers Briggs ISTJ or INFP (I’m pretty adaptable). I truly care a lot about social justice, equality, and education as a non-binary person of color.

My curiosity has lead me to become a multi-talented creative who can learn quickly and juggle many things at once. I’m an educator and journalist at heart and take on the most ambitious, challenging projects for communities. I do tons of UX design, UI, websites, email marketing, marketing, events, AV production, and photography. I help with the awesome LGBTQ+ diversity initiatives too.

On weekends, I’m seen walking on beautiful Bay Area trails, dancing at local community fundraisers, cooking new recipes, reading reviews on new kitchen and house cleaning items.

You may see me participate in these active groups: QTPOC Tech Mentorship Nights, API TransMasculine Anthology, Lesbians Who TechDesigners Guild. Some volunteer projects I’ve helped with: SWAT app (now Raheem AIOperationHelporHushCivisol, Hookup (now Juicebox).





I was invited to attend the LGBT Tech & Innovation Briefing held at The White House in D.C.

I’ve organized and designed the swag for 500’s San Francisco Pride Marches for 2016 and 2017!

I was an Airbnb host manager for a shared co-living house for a year and had over 500 guests.