Outside of my full-time job, I love helping people with redesigning Squarespace, Wix, WordPress websites or providing design feedback on projects on the side as a passion.

Website Design Help
I enjoy helping small Queer/Trans small businesses or nonprofits with either redesigning their site or setting up using page builders for you to maintain in the long-term. It cuts down the time in development & costs whereas my strengths in collaborating in copywriting, imagery, organizing content, and putting layouts together can make the process easier than developing a website from scratch.

I know it can be daunting to figure out how to make something look good or better! There's always a way to make a website improve with small fixes or organizing content differently.

Clients I work with:
Queer/Trans Health Professionals
Queer/Trans small groups/nonprofits

A simple website for folks to experience and understand your services, which can result in more clarity of information, more leads, and trust as a professional.

The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the redesign/setup of how many pages and the expected timeframe. I only take on a handful of clients a year and work outside my full-time role so I work at a much lower rate for my community. A simple few-page website to a larger complex website can be any from $300-$2000* to complete the entire project.

*Sometimes will do donation-only websites for QTBIPOC individuals/nonprofits


Design Feedback Audits
Need quick design feedback on a PowerPoint presentation, landing page, social media graphic, etc? I can offer suggestions around font/colors, possible other layouts to try, resources, or help you decide on designs.

First 30 min: Free
After 30 min: $30/hr

People I work with:
New Tech Conference Speakers
Founders with pitch decks (Transparent Collective)


Two people sitting in a meeting room. One is pointing at their laptop and the other person is listening

Past Work

Some of my past work for various clients. Use the slider on the right to view Before/After redesigns.

Past Projects I’ve helped kick-off:
SWAT app (now Raheem AI) OperationHelporHush, Civisol, Hookup (now Juicebox).

Inclusivity Counseling
Mental Health Therapist Website 

I assisted with a redesign of a therapist's website with better content writing, adding more imagery, and redesigning using Wix templates.

Trans Educators
Trans Educators Network Website

Assisted with the redesign of Squarespace website, setting up a forum and signup forms, and adding more visuals.

API Trans Masculine Anthology
Asian & Pacific Islander Trans Masculine Anthology Website

Assisted with the redesign of Squarespace, and reorganized navigation and content. was a listing website

Redesign of a website with a developer for a multi-page/login product website where people can buy/sell used items among friends.

Ready to Work Together?

Send an email inquiry about what you're looking for, how I can help, the timeline/budget, and any other information. We'll set up a time for a call to see if working together will work and then get started! 

Usually, me reviewing the platform you're using, getting ideas of what you're wanting to change, and then working together on a collaboration doc is the typical process.


San Francisco, CA
Email: tsripunv [at]
Linkedin: @tsripun
Twitter: @tsripun

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