As part of an awesome team for the 1st ever Lesbians Who Tech Summit Hackathon at Mozilla’s HQ in San Francisco, we were paired with the nonprofit AllOut, from New York. In under 24 hours, these were the finished screens presented to AllOut after a long ideation to completed mockups using their logo and website as the jumpstart for the visuals.


Lead designer for hackathon team. Created the visuals and assets down to being pixel-perfect and coming up with reward system.


Bonne S. Android dev/sidekick
Catherine. Amazing product manager
Amy P. worked on wireframes
Julia. from Adobe mocked up javascript mockup


80% Mobile drop off rate with their “responsive website”


Create a more streamline mobile experience for users to sign mulitple petitions quickly

Process of All Out Mockups


With users dropping off because of a bad mobile-friendly website, we knew adding a more responsive site would help. With an already existing identity, I used design elements found on the website to implement into the mobile version. We created experiences for both new users vs existing. For existing, what if we could make it easier to share across social media and to sign with API data from social instead of having to fill out the blank information? A barrier to signing petitions is having to fill out information or no time to fill it out. Another way to incentive more petitions is having other priority petitions in place for people to sign after completing the 1st one. I re-did the donation layout by researching what other nonprofit sites included and to give a small HOORAY! we added cute pictures of puppies after the donation screen.

Next Steps

The AllOut team was happy to see these as their final. We presented these designs and handed off our final files to them to be able to discuss further what the future of their mobile petitions will be like.

AllOut Mockup

ClientAllOutYear2014ServicesUX+UI, Web