Livehive is a sales engagement platform tool used by salespeople to improve the productivity of reaching prospects and close deals faster. While at Livehive, I was the only graphic web designer and user interface designer. I worked on the website through WordPress and creating visual assets for the web platform and mobile apps


Only Graphic Web Designer focusing on website graphics, marketing, social media graphics, landing pages, user interface design, and visual assets for web and mobile for a duration of 6 months.


1. LiveHive homepage didn’t have clear messaging when users visited the homepage.
2. The user workflow wasn’t clear for “”Active Prospects” and “Email Analytics” in our software


1. LiveHive homepage redesign
2. Designed new user workflows

Homepage Redesign

Before and after I redesigned the home page

UI Graphics


ClientLiveHiveYear2014ServicesGraphic Design, UIRecognitionTop Startup in the TIE50 for the TIECON2014