With the election coming up, my colleague and decided to run a fundraising campaign to raise money from the tech community. I bounced ideas with a group of selected fellow nerdz and came up with the Star Wars theme route, the light vs dark forces and Hillary Clinton symbolizing Leia as the few powerful women in the Star Wars saga. I designed the wordpress website, social campaigns, and did some email outreach using our network.


Designer. Created the logo for Nerdz4Hillary and website to keep track of donors and inspire other nerdz to donate. Managed all social media accounts to create awareness.


We fundraised $77,000+ out of $100,000 goal from 50+ donors

Draft logo vs Final logo

Next Steps

The election ended, thus the campaign ended! We did raise over $77,000 for the Hillary campaign 🙂


Client500 StartupsYear2016ServicesGraphic Design, Wordpress, Web Design