A brief history book highlighting the controversial and interesting facts about tea between China and Great Britain. The Agony of Tea is a 55-page book with the controversial facts and myths of Great Britain taking tea from China. Most photos were taken from internet sources, the book “Book of Tea”, and 10 photos are of my own from a tea ceremony. The cover is a screen-printed muslim bag. Inside pages of the book cover feature handmade green tea paper. The book is 7in x 11i, printed on 70lb Domtar Cream paper, 1 page is tissue paper, and 3 pages fold out.

The Agony of Tea Book Flipthrough


UX/Visual Designer, Content writing, photographer, tea research. 6-hour process of handmaking tea paper, 2 hours of hand bookbinding process, researched stacks of tea history books and websites to write the content, bought several different teas to better understand tea, and did a 5-hour Chinese tea ceremony with a previous tea shop owner for the experience.


3 months


There isn’t a lot of good tea books covering the history of tea with a great visual element. All the books I found were heavy text.


Created my own book with 2 months of research

The Agony of Tea Book

ClientTypography ClassYear2012ServicesDesign, TypographyRecognition3rd Place, TENN Show AIGA Knoxville (2012)