Started in Knoxville, The Plaque Project is created to provide a voice for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault. Domestic violence/sexual assault occurs behind doors, but by allowing people to share their stories, it’s been a huge awakening to let people know it can occur to anyone you know. This photography series hopes to create a narrative with the stories told. The Plaque Project has won the photography award from UTK’s Student Art Competition in Spring 2013. With this project, one story made it into headline news relating to an athlete. Each survivor has an accompany lasercut made wooden plaque and photo series.

RS. A mother of 3, her jaw was severely broken from her husband beating her in front of her children. One of the many stories were told to me to share with others on how she got out.


Photographer/Director,  interviewed 10+ people from Knoxville, TN. Designed site. Lasercutted plaques. Edited audio. Consulted with lawyer for on-going cases.


August-December 2012


There is not an anonymous way for people to tell their stories relating to domestic violence and people don’t realize how prevalent it is in their community


Interview/Photograph people from Knoxville, take their stories and provide downloadable audio to educate and help others

A university student was sexually assaulted by a member of the school’s basketball team. After telling me her story, the university paper released their own story about the school knowing it, but hid it by transferring the player to a different school.

Future of the project/Next Steps

The project came to end once my senior thesis began in January 2014. My hope is to get enough money to have a future photo exhibit with audio of each individual displayed for the citizens of Knoxville to visit and listen.

The Plaque Project

ClientUniversity of Tennessee–Knoxville Photography classYear2013ServicesPhotography, Art DirectionRecognitionBaldwin Lee Photography Award