With the help of friends, my teacher, classmates, interviewing 30+ ATL & Knoxville non-profits anyone related in domestic violence/education, We Improve was created to bridge the gap in teaching high school and college students about dating violence/domestic violence.

We Improve would be a student-led volunteer group hosted by college philanthropy organizations who would team up with local resources (YWCA, Child & Family, Sexual Assault Center, Etc) to reach out to high school students to make improv flash mobs, fundraising events, workshops, etc to create awareness! Using social media as a big drive for participation too.


Senior Thesis. I was the only designer, ideation to completion. Went through many iterations, designed several keynotes and presented, created a live website, all social media accounts, live tweeted events, organized 2 flash mobs, emailed hundreds of people, interviewed 30 people for feedback and overall questions about the topic

Result/Final Steps

The final end was the completion of the entire developed brand identity campaign. I send out emails to the university and people I interviewed with an outline of what could be next. I hope this serves as an inspiration or developed further to be tested in real schools as a positive support system rather than relying on current methods.


Although there are laws against Domestic Violence, we are numb to its impact until it happens directly


By targeting at a younger age, early prevention against abusers can lessen the instances of domestic violence


The process of my senior thesis is enormous! I interviewed shelters, experts, educators, and survivors. I attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia to see how one educational day camp for the youth was like. I organized 2 flash mobs with other students.

View the entire downloadable PDF Resource book, available for use to anyone. What’s in it?

  • Tons of Interviews
  • Tennessee/Georgia nonprofit resources
  • all the research
  • books to read/articles/websites
  • Similar inspirational campaigns
  • Design process
  • Drafts/Finals

Future of the Thesis

My thesis book is available for schools, educators, nonprofits to learn from.

We Improve (Thesis)

ClientDesign ThesisYearJan-May 2014ServicesGraphic Design, UX Research