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At the Microsoft Outlook O365 team, I was tasked with working on a lightweight CRM web plugin for Office 365 email and a mobile app for small businesses to keep track of their contacts during the sales process. To compete against Google & Salesforce and become the #1 cloud client, Microsoft needed a sales tool for small businesses in their email.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information. All information in this case study is my own. The final images are not the images I designed.



About Project:

Client: Microsoft via Aquent LLC
Team: UX Researchers, Engineers, PMs, 2 Senior Product Designers/1 Product Designer
Year: 2015
Services: Product
Launched: 2017

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Product Designer for Outlook O365 team in Mountain View, CA for 8 months. Responsible for ensuring Microsoft brand consistency throughout the app. At the time I was a designer, we were at the early-mid stage of the app and I worked on "Adding or Editing Contacts" flows.

I joined when the branding and patterns were starting to be put in place and some interactions/mobile UI layouts were almost finalized. I worked on these parts of user experience design on mobile/desktop plugin for:

  • Contacts profile
  • Company profile
  • Deals profile
  • Tasks list
  • Welcome/Onboarding screens

While designing interactions, I still had to decide on which UX patterns to put into the app. There aren’t too many iOS apps in the Microsoft family, so we’d test what was built previously and test, while also considering Android vs iOS patterns like buttons, headers, calendar widgets, sliding functions, and more.

No solution within Microsoft to keep track of leads aside from third-party apps for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). 

Outlook Customer Manager for O365 Business Premium for 50+ million users. Lightweight CRM app plugin for Outlook and iOs app with the ability to organize customer information like Contacts, Deals, and Companies with Tasks/Reminders

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  • Released with O365 for millions of users in early 2017.
  • Increased users, customer satisfaction, and efficiency for O365
  • Customers no longer had to use 3rd party apps or connect software

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